1. Michael, as always well written and concise.
    Thank you, we are fortunate to have you as our representative in the 114 district.

  2. So nice to hear a voice of reason in these chaotic (I feel purposely) times. We need more of this from people in govt positions! Thank you and Gus bless you

  3. Let’s lower the top salaries to help out all homeowners. Salaries over 100K do NOT need to be raised when we are all struggling!

    Please vote NO on this 15.3 million dollar tax increase.

  4. I appreciate your concise summary of truth when so many others are twisting the facts to fit a narrative. Thanks for serving Kansas!

  5. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Outstanding work!

  6. Fantastic article Free State News! Thank you for revealing truths, opening our eyes and providing actionable items for citizens to bravely speak up to fight monopolistic power and unelected, appointed powers that are eroding our freedoms.

  7. Outstanding commentary and explanation of facts that all citizens must know. Thank you and I will do my best to share this.

  8. Thank you so much for this article. We need more good journalism.
    We most definitely need to get rid of unelected persons making decisions that are just rubber stamped by our elected officials.
    Our elections matter. I believe Nonpartisan should be eliminated. This is a means to get people elected to government seats with agendas. That amplify these unelected organizations power over the people.

  9. This ‘Intermodal’ conflict has been going on for a number of years prior to the illegal rezoning attempt. It has been an attempt to destroy private property rights in Johnson County . The Johnson County Commissioners are ultimately to blame by selling out to special interests for the ‘common good’, something antithetical to this republic.

  10. Will, I have watched you faithfully taking notes and sitting in the meetings. Reporters should be flocking to you for accurate information. Thank you for caring enough to be at the meetings and researching these things.

  11. It looks like conservatives are getting fooled by another Moderate RINO. As chair of the Kansas City Junior League, a notoriously leftist organization, she instituted a DEI committee! I think the author of this article needs to research better.

  12. I was the lead on the fight against ESG in the house and worked closely with Sen Thompson. We had identical bills in both sides and worked closely with AG Kobach to tweak the end result. In the end, lobbyists for the Chamber and Bankers stopped the full comprehensive bill that could have stopped much of this. An interesting side note is that an Evergy representative told us privately that ESG criteria hamstrings them from operating the way they need to. When you see companies such as Evergy tout ESG policy, it is to offer compliance so they can obtain needed capital. That’s the insidious danger of ESG…you play the ESG rules or capital, insurance and other much needed aspects of running a business can be cut off or options drastically limited.

    I’m in no way suggesting Evergy get a pass, but the ESG issue is deeply entrenched and will be hard to remove, just like a tumor that has attached to vital organs. I will look to Kansans to help put pressure on leadership and these lobbyists to do what’s best for Kansas, not the World Economic Forum.

    • Thank you so much for what’s been accomplished and for reminding Kansans that it takes all of us!

      As I told Representative Sutton last week when I asked about legislation to ban mRNA in any food – “if we can regulate the amount of alcohol allowed in our beer, then we can regulate what goes into (or stays out of) our food.”

      The same holds true on this topic.
      Maybe the banking, investment and insurance industries doing business in Kansas need more regulation preventing them from discriminating against a company based on political ideologies. They’re just diving into this and it might not be too late to pull them back out before they drown.

      Businesses every day successfully operate without playing the ESG game. The problem is that once the agenda gets a foothold, then it’s going to get a stronghold.
      Soon it becomes the norm and “the way it’s always done”, forcing more businesses to comply to the same standards, or else they’re cancelled and can’t be competitive.
      That’s how an ideology drowns out its opposition. This ideology is accelerating quickly and needs a roadblock.

      Legislation can forbid decommissioning fossil fuel facilities.
      It can put a moratorium in place while the real costs (environmental, financial, health, etc) of wind, solar, and nitrogen are studied in a non-biased (difficult, I know) manner.
      Legislation can explore more nuclear options.
      Legislation can forbid utilities from capping how much individual homeowners can feed back (sell to) the grid from their home systems, helping homeowners to truly save money and helping meet the supply needs.
      Legislation can limit stock bribes to directors and executives, and it can cap salaries and bonuses to appropriate amounts.
      Legislation can forbid lobbyists from spending money on campaigns and stop dark money, by requiring that campaign donations come from the district in which the candidate is running.
      Legislation can require the KCC to have more commissioners on the board, elected by the people, and it can bring some “diversity” to the CURB board so people who don’t believe in the climate agenda are also represented.

      Legislation in a state-regulated monopoloy is our only protection from a dictatorship, because we have no other option.
      If the certain representatives in the state don’t want to legislate our safety, then they need to open up the market for our ability to let the free market find its balance. (another potential set of problems, I get it)

      The point is that the people depend on the legislators to push back against lobbyists and leadership who are bleeding Kansans (and Kansas resources) dry.
      I see how the people can push back against the leadership and those they can vote for, but how do we push back against lobbyists?
      We’re nothing to them. We have no authority over them. They don’t listen to the people because they have a different allegience. Maybe we need to learn what we can do to help in this area?

      Thank you for all you do for Kansans!

  13. This is why it is so important for WE THE PEOPLE to financially support candidates. Good candidates cannon win without money. It’s a sad fact, but true.

  14. All leftist women on CURB – and not one with any experience in business. That’s going to go well for us!!!!

  15. The Kansas Corporation Commission may regulate but that does not mean they act in the interest of the public. They enable the utilities to do whatever they want. Are you familiar with Atmos’ Winter Event Securitized Cost Rider charge on monthly bills?

  16. These commissioners should be so ashamed of themselves that they should be worried to appear in public!
    Please everyone study and research before you vote next time.

  17. Excellent Jennifer!!!!! And wow!!! You are an amazing writer!!!! Thank you so much!!! I read psalms 140 this am. “Do not grant O Lord the desires of the wicked; Do not promote his evil device….the proud have hidden a trap for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside…”. So fitting when you think of Plotkin. You covered this so well! Keep up the good work!

  18. Jennifer, I though I had sent a comment earlier, but I don’t see it posted. Thank you for this amazing article with so many excellent lines and quotes. You must have been taking notes furiously. Or maybe there are techy ways now that make it easier? At any rate thank you for your effort to share the FR3 with others in this editorial! We appreciate it. It was a great day! God is good and He blessed us with many answers to prayer!

    • They should both be posted. At least they’re showing on my end. Thank you for your compliments and for a wonderful event! I enjoyed the entire weekend!

  19. Jennifer, you did a beautiful job sharing such important information. You are an amazing writer- so talented. Your article was so perfect and I will be sharing it near and far. I am truly blessed to have met someone like you with a heart filled with love, determination, and a desire to educate others. God bless you, -and keep doing all that you’re doing.. You’re so good at it!

    • Thank you so much, Marty! I appreciate the compliments.

      And yes, please! Share, share, share all of it so we can get the word to educate, empower, and stand together for freedom!

  20. What an amazing and beautiful article! Thank you for your God-given ability to provide a written summary for those who could not attend the event. We must continue to rally the citizens to join the revival!

  21. “Finally, someone said it! ” Commissioner Allenbrand, you are a Democrat who campaigned as a Republican.” you know with all her spare change.

  22. “All corporate contributions will promote Evergy’s interests and will be made without regard for the private political preferences of executives.

    That is a troubling sentence. This is not an area of expertise for myself, but even with that lack of knowledge the fact that the CEO makes 6.8 million is enough of a wake up call. The energy industry is complex. My husband’s family worked for the power and light company in Colorado for years. But 6.8 million and the high income for the board would have to make anyone wonder how they could make “detached” objective decisions that would be in the best interests of the consumer and his/her budget.

  23. Increasing population & housing density will only serve to permanently change the character, the very living experience Prairie Village has maintained since inception. Conceived as a bedroom community that offered tranquil living conditions with just the right amount of amenities (e.g. shopping, parks) just a stone’s throw from urban KC, PV will be transformed into a bustling mass of people, buildings, bikers & walkers, EV charging stations, taller buildings, more crosswalks & traffic lights & so on. Those who wanted to live in PV for how it feels now will realize they’ve been had, but it will be too late!

    • House Rep Carrie Barth is a huge asset to all Kansans. Thank you Carrie for your vigilance and critical thinking, and for this ENERGY Resolution. And as always THANK YOU Free State News for the excellent reporting!

  24. This is disturbing and unbelievable really. Mike Kelley should be recalled. Our board is heavily left leaning and we know which way this is going to go.

  25. The “study” Miss Ohara mentions is a speech given during a conference. More so, the author Catharine A. MacKinnon, is a radical feminist that supports the literature available that Miss Ohara is complaining about.

    If this was a real news site, the “reporter” would have reached out to Mackinnon for comment.

  26. The late Senator Barry Goldwater is credited with saying:

    “I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size.”

    What is described in this piece certainly appears to be an attempt by the BOCC chair to not only establish himself as the only member of the BOCC to have any influence over consequential decisions by the board, and arrogating to himself more power, but also to cast a shroud of secrecy around the deliberative process.

    Moving agenda items to the Consent Agenda, bypassing not only discussion and debate by the elected board, but public comment and input as well, certainly serves to obfuscate whatever “transparency” there might have been in the governing process. It certainly reinforces the impression that the BOCC serves primarily as a rubber stamp to decisions and recommendations of the staff instead of true representation by elected members.

    It’s difficult enough for citizens to uncover whatever agenda items are pending before the board and to discover whatever supporting documentation there might be. (The county’s public-facing IT systems are not very user-friendly or intuitive.) Putting these items directly on the Consent Agenda makes it appear even more strongly that there are details the board chairman wants to conceal from the public.

    If Chairman Kelly believes the demands of office on his time excessive, perhaps he should consider stepping down to concentrate on his law firm’s business and leave the demands of governing to those willing to expend the time on the people’s business.

    A smart man once urged people to “follow the money” if they wanted to discern why politicians do certain things. Others ask “cui bono” or “who benefits” when evaluating the actions of politicians. It might be interesting to see who stands to benefit, and what is hidden, by putting items directly on the Consent Agenda…and who their lawyers are.

    “Efficient government” is often little more than a cover for actions intended to circumvent sunshine laws. There are many people who would prefer transparent government over efficient government.

  27. A blatant attempt by Chairman Kelly to cut public comment even more.
    Fewer meetings leads to a 50% reduction in the opportunity for the public to have a 1st amendment voice.
    Also, putting items straight to Consent Agenda means no public comments on these topics. Last Thursday there were many items that had robust commissioner discussions. These were items that Kelly wanted on the Consent Agenda. Transparent discussions are what a Constitutional democratic society should be built on.
    Not stamp and move on!

  28. Even the CDC has abandoned the fiction that the flu vaccine will prevent a person from getting sick, but would instead lessen the severity of the illness if one did get sick. Very similar to the claims made during the COVID so-called pandemic when not even the vaccine manufacturers claimed that getting the jab would prevent people from contracting the disease or passing it on, isn’t it?

    Even the claims that the vaccines lessened the severity of illness are suspicious since no one can predict with any certainty how ill one would get in the event they do contract the disease. If no one can predict how sick you’ll get, how can anyone say the vaccine kept you from getting that sick? Better off casting the bones or reading tea leaves.

    The Immunize Kansas Coalition (IKC) itself is a suspicious organization. The disclaimer on their website claims that they are an independent 501(c)(3) organization, supported by the CDC which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It further claims that the organization’s views are not representative of, nor an endorsement by, the CDC/HHS, the US Government, or the Kansas Governor’s Office.

    We can believe as much of that as our credulity will withstand, but does anyone actually believe that a front organization funded by the CDC would publish anything or publicly advocate any position that was contrary to the CDC’s agenda? That would be attacked as malinformation, wouldn’t it? Especially an organization that gets its mail at a mail stop in an office building a block from the state capitol.

    Just as early CDC claims that the COVID-19 vaccine would prevent people from getting sick and prevent the spread of the disease proved to be lies, whatever is in the booklet distributed to all Kansas legislators should also be dismissed as little more than CDC propaganda,

    • Absolutely. I printed out a copy of the booklet. It is ridiculous. The IKC is an arm of the KDHE and they use our money to propagate a one sided message ONLY. Thank you for a response. It is good to know this article was read! 🙂

  29. We need to talk. I have documentation that clearly shows the BOTA has deliberately ignored evidence I’ve presented over multiple years, case law, precedence, statute, admitted misrepresentation by the County of mine and 660 other properties documented under oath, and the refusal to look at comparable sales, actually very comparable, and go with cost approach, which unless your property is less than two years old, Freddie and Fannie, VA, and FHA won’t touch.

  30. This article by citizen journalist Jennifer Williams is as good a piece of investigative journalism as I’ve seen anywhere in this region for years. Loaded with information, it’s a must to be read & saved! The inescapable conclusion from it is that our governments are failing us, they are getting richer & bigger, and it’s all at the expense & destruction of the middle class. Without a middle class there is no upward mobility, which a free people use as the engine of hope & achievement in life (formerly tabbed The American Way). It’s the dictator ruled countries that personify a small group of elitists ruling over the masses who are poor with no way to climb out of the hole they’re in. Being taxed out of our homes is part & parcel of the weapons the Globalist elites have aimed at us the common man citizen of the U.S. & the western world. Organize & act, it is the only way out. We’re at war, but only they are fighting in it.

  31. One way to solve..vote DEMOCRAT.
    They proposed taxing residences from 11.5% to 9% and leaving the rate on businesses and farms the same. This is what needs to be done because homeowners have gradually been taking on more of the property tax burden in the state over the last 30 years.
    In 1992 when KS voters passed the 11.5% rate, 35% of taxes collected were from residences. Today that number is 56%.

  32. Thank you for taking us behind the curtains. So many hidden facts by the elite.

    When time permits,would like to have an update on Chinese cells operating. All of these Chinese men entering USA without women, children .

  33. Jennifer’s points are well researched & documented & clearly from the heart of a patriot who loves this country as it was conceived & founded by those who literally pledged their lives, their sacred honor & their fortunes to one another to make this happen. Totally inferior to the British war machine, they reached out to God, persevered in their view of the task at hand and won magnificently. They would have welcomed Jennifer into their midst as a fighter for freedom just like them. I feel so lucky & honored to know Jennifer Williams & would follow her lead any time any where!

  34. This was a “fact” article about the modern Republican Party “faction” and a badly needed constructive criticism of those who claim to be true “Conservatives”. I supported Dennis Pyle for KS governor and interviewed him twice on my verity seeker podcast……Why? Because I studied Laura Kelly and KS AG Schmidt’s previous Senate records and found that Dennis Pyle’s voting record was consistently “Conservative” and he was not afraid to vote “NO” if a bill from either party were putting up omnibus bills with bad legislation mixed with reasonable legislation. I have come to know Dennis Pyle and he should have had the natural right to run as an Independent “WITHOUT PREJIDUCE”. The 2-party monopoly on elections should not exist in a federal republic and I’m shocked that these election rules exist in what is supposed to be a constitutional environment. Party factions are not supposed to be controlling elections or setting up procedural election rules that make it more difficult for a candidate to run for a public office under an almost impossible set of labor intensive, and expensive requirements for those that do not want to be loyal to an party tribe or political faction. THIS SHOULD BE THE KIND OF CANDIDATE WE WANT! Not one representative serving in our governments across the union should be loyal to a party or tribe, but instead they have a duty to be loyal only to their State’s Constitution and the limited and defined U.S. Constitution. Loyalty to God and our faith is a given and is what provides each public servant with the morality needed to be disciplined enough to obey the restraints of their state’s constitution which, in turn, protects the innate rights of the people of Kansas. To wrap this up, let me just say that I’m tired of the Republican tribe loyalty and hypocrisy within the Republican party faction. I have run as a candidate in four elections since 2019 and lost every single one because Republicans are scared to death of a true constitutional conservative. It scares the hell out of them because a public servant who is bound by his/her oath to obey a written constitution removes their power over our government because a person who obeys a constitution serves the general welfare equally and without favor or bias to any one faction, group, organization, corporation, individual, or entity foreign or domestic. Good job Jennifer! It needed to be said and I can say with full confidence that, if Governor Dennis Pyle was representing Kansas today, Kansas would be in support of Texas, our land would not be sold off to the highest foreign bidder, the U.N. would have nothing going on here, and our borders would be secure. The blame should go to Party NeoCons and unaware and uninformed voters, not Dennis Pyle, me, or Trevor Jacobs.

  35. It is far past time to welcome Dennis Pyle back to the Republican Party. It is stronger with his conservative voting record that can help further the pursuit of bold, conservative leadership this party so badly needs.

  36. Jennifer,

    You are singing my song, and you hit a lot of high notes. I’d like to add additional stanzas to your song.

    From my perspective, there are two (2) Republican parties. One party consists of the pros. They select and support the candidates who will support ‘their’ Republican Party…, not the other Republican Party. The other Republican Party consists of the voters, who are told they need to vote for candidates who will not be representing them. The party of the pros want sheeple in the voting party and in office. This is not a recent issue!!!

    The only reason a party would be pushing a loyalty oath is because it knows it will be selecting candidates who will not be representing the party platform. So many Republicans vote Republican, because of the party platform, but if candidates are not going to adhere to the platform, a vote for those candidates are wasted votes.

    The Election Integrity focus is a deliberate diversion. Elections are stolen when the party of the pros selects and supports ‘their’ candidates. If a Republican candidate defeats a Democrat, but doesn’t represent the voting Republican Party, what good is election integrity!

    Doesn’t a loyalty oath smack of being akin to mandated masking, anti-social distancing, forced injections, etc., etc., etc. Is the GOP the party of personal freedom, or the party of Globalist Owned Puppets?

    Thank you for mentioning what I believe is an unconstitutional organization, the MARC (Mid-America Regional Council). I’d add the KCATA (Kansas City Area Transportation Authority) to the discussion. Via grants, they control the 119 cities and 9 counties in the 2-state area. Committee members are appointed, not elected …, yet many hold elected positions on city councils and county boards. This is a conflict of interest, and Kelly and others fully intend to continue populating city councils and county boards with ‘their’ people.

    Loyalty is supposed to swing both ways, but it rarely swings both ways in politics. Democrats have the same issues within their party. Neither party wants a strong 3rd party that may offer candidates who might represent the voters, not those who control the parties.

    • Thank you for your insight and for sharing your knowledge. We address the MARC issues, Kelly’s Climate Action KC Plan, the unconstitutional Global Covenant of Mayors, Local Leaders/Global Agendas like Mayor Skoog’s Bloomberg/Harvard connection https://dev.brandonbrandon.com/local-issues/local-leaders-with-global-agendas/ , Evergy following the UN Agenda, and more in past articles (links in article). People claim they have no idea, so help spread the word! Subscribe for free to receive upcoming articles. And you’re absolutely right about the city councils and county boards – all Climate Action KC people being put in place. Lenexa mayor, Roeland Park mayor, Prairie Village councilman also serving as Mike Kelly’s assistant, and Westwood’s Mayor stealing their city park for big Karbank development, while claiming to love the environment. Waters is suing the citizens in Westwood over their petition to vote to have a say in the matter and he also serves as Prairie Village’s attorney who forced the multi-tenant housing 15-minute neighborhoods against the will of the citizens. Johnson County is under attack – as is the State, the Country, and the World.

  37. Jennifer,

    Thank you for your response. It is always nice to know there are others who realize TEPTB (The Evil Predators That Be) who operate in the shadows and behind closed

    I live in Roeland Park, so I’m familiar with the technocratic state of government in the city and the county. I refer to the city as the Omaha Beach for deviancy being introduced into Jo Co. My parents moved into Prairie Village in ’56 to be close to school, church, etc. Unfortunately, the county of today is a degradation of the county in which I grew up … , and many of those in leadership positions are intent upon digging ever deeper.

  38. I am thankful for the pushback on this sneaky piece of legislation. I am very grateful to all who helped to do so…

  39. I have heard Angel speak on this several times. Still hard to wrap my head around all the sneaky, greedy people. People need to request their legislators have a zoom call like Chris Croft does every Friday to their people.

    By the way Angel is appropriately named for this time

  40. I have heard Angel speak on this several times. Still hard to wrap my head around all the sneaky, greedy people. People need to request their legislators have a zoom call like Chris Croft does every Friday to their people.

    By the way Angel is appropriately named for this time

  41. Well said. Additionally, Public Health was not supposed to be the expert, per se. It was to make sure that our Public health and safety were maintained. There is a video going around of a man, squatting on a metal trash can at an airport over the hole, defecating. While people looked at their cell phone and ignored the “public” health violation. Yes, crapping in the trash in public, showing all private parts is where Public health and safety. Standing on top of the trash can would be unsafe, for one violation. Public Health was not meant to be the final say. It was meant to keep the standard approved agreed upon guidelines for health and safety. Thus, making sure water did not sit in an area where it could not drain properly after a rain, so on and so forth. “Public Health and Safety” became control and indoctrinate.

  42. What if we all turn the tracking off on our phones?

    Unbelievable, thanks for the information.

  43. This is the model that healthcare need to go to. Congratulations to Freedom Pediatrics. I wish you the best in success in all the ways that count!

  44. Tracking of citizens- interesting, right!? When the movie 2000 Mules came out, it was poo pooed as ” there is no way to pin point locations by cell phone”, yet it appears that there IS such technology for sale to Governments.

    Surveillance State is a real thing! Some how I feel the need to leave my cell phone home more and more.

  45. I just want to add that Article 11 in the U.S. Constitution, as correctly interpreted, does not allow a sovereign State (a country) in our union to be sued. Again, knowledge is power and our elected representatives seem to lack power when it comes to understanding their constitutional jurisdiction within this federal republic. They need to remember that the U.S. general government works for the States in this union, not the other way around. The U.S. Health & Human Resources is another unconstitutional agency that should not exist and it has no power to interfere in the internal affairs of any State in this union. I’m not saying whether or not I support this Bill but our Kansas government should not care if it conflicts with U.S. Law. Again, it’s a State issue and under State control, not federal control or jurisdiction.

  46. How is it possible that “one man” can arbitrarily make decisions and appears to get buy with it? This doesn’t sound like a commission to me; it sounds like a dictatorship!

  47. Talk about mind blowing! KrisAnn Hall was dynamite. We are so very glad we attended this exclusive event. My husband is eager to dig into one of her books as I’m researching all that her website has to offer.

    It’s just too bad that more people don’t show up for these events talking about our rights and teaching us about our God given freedoms. We have to keep spreading the word and living in the truth.

    Thank you, thank you to the event planners, you hit it out of the park with last night’s event.


  48. Michael, thank you for all your hard work for Kansas as our House Representative here in the 114th.
    I’m sharing this on other social media outlets to help get the word out.

  49. Great job Charlotte. I am so appreciative of your service to the Johnson County community. I don’t know many people that could survive the treatment that you endure serving on that Godless board. Do know that you have countless people that greatly admire you for your selfless service. God Bless you and I hope many will join me in continually lifting you up in prayer. Please continue being the mighty warrior that you are.

  50. This cannot be brushed under the rug. We have got to find a way to get to the bottom of it.

  51. I enjoy and saddened buy your updates in JoCo at the same time.
    Crazy clown world we are in, when “shout” your pronoun and who you sleep with is above Mother’s and Father’s…. which btw, without the biological FACTS none of us would be here.
    Keep it up! Some are waking up.

  52. Amen!! Never forget what the “powers that be” DID with their power. I have dozens of clients that were forced into shots they DID NOT want, threaten with loss of retirement funds, lose of their employment, not being able to travel to family and friends in other countries!!

  53. Thank you for this piece. The link to the Womb to Tomb article is fantastic and if more people would just follow the link. It would help this Medicare discussion.

  54. Girl did you ask for a proclamation? They usually give them if you just ask! YOU could be the one to support Johnson County mothers! After you do that, maybe get us some paid family leave, better childcare, lower grocery costs and more access to reproductive care!

  55. I have addressed many issues at the board of county commissioners meetings. Allenbrand has consistently voted with Mike Kelly 100% of the time. She has always acted as if she was a democrat. She is not alone. Jeff Myers 2nd district votes 100 % with Mike Kelly a democrat too.
    They are part of the 5-2 crew- we do not care about you.

  56. Spend, spend, spend…..The BOCC on June 13th agreed to send $1.5 million to the Missouri NGO, KC2026 and on which Chairman Kelly is an at large member, to help Missouri fund the World Cup. This is in addition to the $28 million of your tax dollars the Kansas legislature has already sent to Missouri.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, on June 20th the BOCC refused to give the Sheriff an additional $1.5 million to hire 10 additional deputies to reduce costs and save the county over $350,000 in 2026. Nope, no money for public safety, it isn’t glitzy enough to gain the conflicted interests of our Chairman, Mike Kelly.

    Charlotte O’Hara
    3rd District JoHnsion County Commissioner

    • The above chart states that public safety and emergency services is the second highest expenditure in both 2015 and now.

  57. DO NOT fund these stadiums or we will leave Johnson County and go to another state. Instead of MO being the fools, Laura Kelly is trying to make it us. Mo said NO!!! People who go to games need to pay for the stadiums, or the fat cat owners. You all keep trying to put all this on us through rising, rising, rising property taxes.

    • Cindy, you are correct. Article 6 clearly describes what is to be funded by the Kansas taxpayer and organized athletics, and all the salaries and additional expenses that go along with that in our publicly funded schools. Physical Education and Health for for ALL meet the constitutional criteria for taxpayer funding but is a fraction of the cost. What we all need in Kansas are voters and candidates that know how to read, understand (in its historically accurate meaning) our state’s written constitution, and obey it. BTW, concerning your “property taxes” Read the 2nd statement in the original ordinance at the beginning of the Kansas Constitution, then read through all of Article 11 dealing with what, and how, Kansans will be taxed and decide for yourself if Article 11 has been perverted into one massive constitutional VIOLATION of the Kansas Ordinamce. Verity Seeker (Mark Powls)

  58. No county employee should be allowed to spend at DIME without an elected official’s approval.

  59. This placement of a homeless shelter is VERY unintelligent considering the hot spot for illegal drug activity is I-35 and 95th street. It’s obvious that is not a wise combination. To say nothing of the long run foolishness of putting that financial burden on county’s residents. 238 homeless folks calls for a different solution!!

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