Johnson County Approves Political and Divisive DEI and Environmental coalitions, appointed solely by the Chairman

comprised of members from outside of the County and granted authority for public service campaigns; without the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners having the final vote on their message or actions

June 30, 2023

Yesterday’s votes found Johnson County, Kansas moving one step closer to a consolidation of power and the implementation of a regional and global agenda.

From a page straight out of the handbooks that the UN, European Union, and Global Covenant of Mayors all speak of having (and giving to its members, including Chairman Mike Kelly,) the taxpayers will find themselves on the losing end of this Marxist agenda.

After several public comments opposing the coalitions and many reasonable amendments proposed by Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara and supported by Commissioner Ashcraft; including that all members must be comprised of residents of Johnson County, each commissioner is allowed two appointments with the chair receiving three, the coalitions must receive approval from the Board of County Commissioners for any public service announcements before they’re initiated, and expiration dates for the coalitions. Yet the majority did not budge and the Coalitions passed 5-2 as originally presented.

Commissioner O’Hara went on the record as stating, “This consolidation of power is extremely, extremely concerning, and I just want to be on record that to have the Chair appoint 15 members to this board without any opportunity for the other six commissioners to have appointments is just beyond belief.”

To which Commissioner Janee Hanzlick replied, “Thank you, Mr. Chair. I think the last time I checked, you were elected by a majority of the people in the county, and you had made it very clear what your policies are. So I don’t have any problem with this.”

Let that sink in a moment.

How many people remember Mike Kelly running an extreme left, partisan campaign stating that he is funded by the Global Covenant of Mayors and the European Union in order to implement the Paris Climate Agreement?

How many heard him mention implementing the playbooks that are provided to him?

How many times did he state that he was going to work with the County Attorney in order to rewrite the rules so that he did not have a conflict of interest on his pet projects, working relationships, and political and personal affiliations?

How often did he disclose that he was going to elevate the role of the chair above that of the other elected commissioners?

How many heard him claim that on his first day, he would silence his opposition by canceling Zoom calls for public comment and refusing to live-stream the citizen comment portion of the agenda in order to “prevent misinformation” from being shared with the citizens watching from home?

How many times did he mention that he would be implementing a total of 30 members to politically divisive coalitions; that could include many members from outside of Johnson County and even outside of the State of Kansas? Or God-forbid even his partners in foreign nations and organizations.

How many times did he disclose to the voters that he would be consolidating power in himself and his coalitions in order to push an extreme-left political ideology?

Yeah, I don’t remember that either. In fact, I remember multiple conversations with conservatives and moderates who were directly lied to by Mike Kelly; who, like the other Kelly (Laura), claimed to be middle-of-the-road on all of the issues. Most people I spoke with had no idea that Mike Kelly was the founder of Climate Action KC , nor that he was involved with the Global Covenant of Mayors with the goal of implementing their agenda in the region “without necessarily obtaining approval of the more than 100 jurisdictions in the region.” Most didn’t even realize that he made Roeland Park a sanctuary city in violation of State laws.

Wake up Kansans! This man is not only a threat to the freedom and the future of our Republic in Johnson County but also across the region and the State of Kansas. Johnson County’s extreme left transformation under a censoring dictator who believes himself to be a savior that holds the only truthful information is extremely dangerous. This kind of infiltration should not be given this unfettered power to change the trajectory of the entire State of Kansas.

As concerned citizens, every voter needs to be writing the Attorney General, asking for an immediate investigation into Mike Kelly’s treasonous acts against the Republic and for his unconstitutional deals and alliances with foreign nations. While you’re reporting, ask for his cohorts – Commissioners Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Meyers, and Fast – to also be investigated for overstepping their authority as elected officials and for violating their oaths of office to uphold and protect the Constitution.

Unrestrained political and Marxist boards will not protect our Constitutional rights but will quickly erode them into a state of lies and confusion. I think we all know who the father of lies and author of confusion is, but it takes people like Mike Kelly and his accomplices to physically drive the nails into the coffin of freedom. All in the name of DEI – “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or as Commissioner O’Hara so brilliantly called it, “division, exclusion, and inequality.”


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