How Federal Funding and “Free Money” is infiltrating State’s Rights and Destroying Our Freedom

Socialist/Marxist Policy Infiltration in Kansas is Eroding our Constitutional Republic

July 7, 2023

Public servants answer to We the People and represent our interests, right?


Policy creation has become a way to bypass the vote and will of the people in order to implement policies to enforce ideologies that otherwise would never pass at the voter booths.

The bureaucracies are undermining the republic by creating policies that are implementing the socialist / Marxist / communist agenda, and the Federal government is infiltrating State agencies and institutions that they would otherwise have no authority to govern. They are doing this through quid-pro-quo grant money and other Federal handouts.

Case in point – the Kansas Works Registered Apprentice program. On the surface, this is an amazing opportunity for small business owners to finally be able to compete against the large national and global corporations that are being showered in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare. The State of Kansas and her counties and cities are handing out Industrial Revenue Bonds, property tax abatements, and other “freebies” to outsiders in order to entice them to come into our State, all on the backs of the taxpayers. Over the past several years, this has cost Kansans billions of dollars in lost tax revenue.

When a company receives an Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB), they are able to avoid paying sales tax on building new facilities and on the purchase of equipment, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in lost tax revenue per project. Combine that with their 10-year property tax abatements and ridiculously low payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs), and you have just given these large companies (mostly out of state) an enormous competitive advantage over the local small business owners and even the government sector.

When these large corporations are able to save millions annually on taxes, they are able to pay higher wages. Most would say that’s great because employees deserve to be paid a living wage. The truth of the matter is, it’s at the expense of the taxpayers. These are taxpayer-subsidized wages because not only are the citizens of Kansas paying for these tax incentives, they are forced to pay higher property taxes to their cities and counties when the government sector starts losing employees to these higher-wage jobs made possible by corporate welfare. When the cities and counties can’t compete in an already saturated job market, they are forced to increase wages – again coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets. When we are losing valuable law enforcement in our sheriff’s departments to taxpayer-subsidized warehouses, we have a problem.

The government sector is not the only one who is suffering, but small business owners are too. It is hard enough for entrepreneurs to be competitive in today’s global and online market without being forced to compete with large conglomerates that are receiving government handouts. When these companies are favored over small business owners, it leaves the local companies at an unfair disadvantage and unable to afford the increasing cost of wages for qualified employees.

Enter the KansasWorks Registered Apprenticeship program. This program promises tax credits to employers claiming, “This creates unique opportunities for employers and career seekers throughout the state. The program brilliantly incorporates on-the-job learning paralleled with technical instruction and mentorship with long-term employment as the priority.” It goes on to state, “Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and industry-issued, nationally recognized credentials.

This is a wonderful opportunity for small, local business owners to be able to compete in the job market, while training employees for long-term careers in specialized fields, without necessarily the need for a college degree. But read the fine print, and you quickly see the sinister agenda behind what appears to be an altruistic program. There’s no such thing as free money. In this case, the cost is freedom with the subtle implementation of the socialist/Marxist/communist DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) agenda.

To participate in this program, sponsored by the State of Kansas in cooperation with the Federal Department of Labor, employers with 5 or more apprentices must agree to implement an Affirmative Action Plan that meets Federal guidelines. Their website states, “A valuable factor of Registered Apprenticeship is that it helps incorporate inclusion and diversity into your workforce. If your program has more than five apprentices, it is necessary to create a Plan that demonstrates an Affirmative Effort that ensures your program model acknowledges and incorporates inclusivity. There are many ways to develop an Affirmative Action plan that meets federal standards. The following resources should help to seamlessly guide you in forming the creation of your action plan.

It goes on to link employers to sample plans at the Federal Department of Labor website:

and a sample approved Kansas plan:

Again, one might say there is no problem with these requirements because it just ensures that employers are not discriminating against potential employees. But there are already laws for that!

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 already protects people from being discriminated against based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects those with disabilities. The Age Discrimination Act of 1967 protects applicants over 40. So why does the Federal government feel the need to create programs where funding is tied to private employers implementing affirmative action policies? The answer is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – the new “feel good” buzzwords that are actually the divisive backdoor infiltration of the socialist/Marxist/Communist agenda.

There is no reason for these apprenticeship programs to force employers to implement these Affirmative Action Plans because the law already protects employees from discrimination. But when the Federal government has limited authority to enact policy changes in local and State programs, they find a way to seep their ideology into them anyway via pay-for-performance, quid-pro-quo grants. You receive money in exchange for policy creation that aligns with the political ideology the Federal and global agenda wants to enact.

We see it with Mid America Regional Council (MARC) implementing the Climate Action KC agenda in local municipalities by tying grant funding to climate change initiatives.

MARC receives funding directly from the European Union in an effort to implement the Paris Climate Agreement in the region. For those citizens who don’t agree with nor want to be brainwashed into accepting the divisive UN Agenda 2030, they have no choice if their governments decide to take the money. This causes citizens to sacrifice deeply-held moral and personal convictions because they have no say in the arrangement since it was policy creation by the elected and appointed officials (and staff) and not an item they voted on at the voting booth.

Some elected officials play with fire and think that we can play both sides of the topic by taking the money but not really participating in the agenda. Miami County Commissioner and ex-MARC chairman, Rob Roberts, stated publicly that there are climate crazies within MARC; yet, he’s the first to brag about the MARC-funded Metcalf 2.0 road project that implemented climate language into Louisburg and the Miami County government. He also turns a blind eye to Olsson Studios, the company hired by Miami County Commissioners to assist in the creation of the county’s new planning and zoning Comprehensive Plan, when the plan is full of climate action language and Olsson is on record stating MARC is one of their valued clients.

A man cannot serve two masters. We cannot take the bribe money and ignore the strings attached. If citizens were aware of the trade-off, most would say it is not worth it because they love their freedom more than they love the money.

It’s not just climate change. What about those citizens who deeply believe that it is not our job to play God and change a person’s biological sex, despite the push from the healthcare industry which is receiving billions of dollars for gender reassignment surgeries? Or what about parents who do not want their daughters sharing locker rooms or sleeping arrangements with biological boys? A recent NPR article regarding the SB180 Kansas Women’s Bill of Rights law stated, “Kelly’s administration has warned that enactment of the legislation could put Federal funding for multiple Kansas state agency programs that focus on women and girls at risk. This list includes domestic violence and sexual assault grants governed by federal guidelines that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.”

Or how about the Biden infrastructure bill pushing grant funding into the States Dept of Transportations for cities to apply on behalf of private businesses in order to build the Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure? Because until there’s enough charging stations to avoid “range anxiety”, they cannot ban the internal combustion engine for those who refuse to comply with the agenda.

We’ve got Federal programs bringing these performance-based funds into our schools, libraries, and countless other places. The States should be free from these Federal policies, but as Justice Roberts said in Massachusetts v Mellon, “The States are separate and independent sovereigns. Sometimes they have to act like it.”

Sometimes that means just saying no to the drug called money and the addiction so many have formed to it.

When will Kansas and local county and city governments realize the freedom they are selling by taking money in exchange for implementing these globalist playbooks?

When are the citizens going to finally have enough and speak out against the trend of trading their rights and freedom for perceived comfort or safety?

The clock is ticking, and the beast is only gaining momentum. With every new program and taxpayer-funded handout, the citizens are literally funding their demise.

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