Johnson County Chairman, Mike Kelly, is funded by European Union in order to implement the Paris Climate Agreement without the approval of all local jurisdictions affected

In a video filmed while Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Mike Kelly was still mayor of Roeland Park, and advertised on his Facebook mayoral page, he admits that he is being funded and assisted by the European Union and the Global Covenant of Mayors in order to implement the Paris Climate Agreement. He claims that by using the regionalism approach, he is able to get this implemented without necessarily the agreement of the over 100 jurisdictions affected in the region. That means it is being forced on many elected officials and citizens without their approval or their knowledge.

Mike Kelly is the founder of Climate Action Kansas City, an organization that has partnered with Mid America Regional Council (MARC), the regional metropolitan planning organization that promotes regionalism in the bi-state area. MARC started out as a transportation planning organization in urban areas with a population of greater than 50,000, as required by Federal law, in order to coordinate road projects. They have since become the unelected planning body for the region, responsible for administering Federal grants to local jurisdictions, and making planning recommendations to local cities and counties.

MARC’s un-elected boards are comprised of appointed officials from local jurisdictions, where they serve on committees for topics such as: sustainable development, transportation, and aging. MARC is even responsible for coordinating the local 911 system.

Through MARC committees, this climate change language has quickly found itself into many local agenda items, and has become the quid-pro-quo of grant qualifications, forcing communities to comply with climate action ideology and practices before being eligible to qualify for certain MARC-administered grants (which MARC takes a hefty cut in administration fees off of the top in order to continue funding their corporation and pushing their ideology.) Unbeknownst to local elected officials relying on staff report recommendations, they are implementing a foreign playbook that is in opposition to values and morals that most of their constituents hold dear to their hearts. MARC is also listed on the Global Covernant of Mayor’s website as a participant of the GCoM, with MARC’s executive director, David Warm, being listed as the mayor of MARC.

The feel-good language of “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, “sustainable, equitable, and resilient” and communities partnering for a better region sounds altruistic and has made its way into staff reports across the region. Yet, those serving in local offices and voting on projects that would implement the European-Union-funded-projects have no idea that one of the playbooks, the Climate Action KC Playbook, is saturated with racist language that discriminates against white people and pushes the critical race theory ideology that America is founded on white supremacy and white people are to blame for housing being unaffordable, the climate problems, and people of color being marginalized.

To read the Playbook with an open-mind, it’s easy to see who is actually responsible for marginalizing “people of color” – the very people using them to enforce their un-American ideology, using division, hate, fear, and control in order to usher in the Marxist/Socialist/Communist agenda.

The topic of the MARC agreement and the Climate Action KC Playbook are the subject of another article and presentation, if you would like more info.

For this article, it is imperative to know that we have a Johnson County chairman, funded by foreigners, pushing ideologies without necessarily the approval of the people affected, and who discriminates against white people per his own definitions.

An investigation into the legality and details of these foreign alliances and foreign funding is in order at once!

Read the definitions, see the plan in the Playbook:

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