Maria Holiday’s Campaign Announcement for RNC Committeewoman


On January 27th state delegates will elect new representation to the RNC.

The RNC has lost touch with the grassroots. Until recently, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman were the wealthy elite who contributed large sums of money and enjoyed lavish dinners and events. Now We The People are standing up and running for these positions.

There is no pay and the KS NCM/NCW must pay their own way to required events. Still, the opportunity to be a voice for the people, to bring commonsense, conservative Kansas values to leadership at the RNC is vitally important. Too much DC dysfunction is coloring the views of Kansans and suppressing the vote. We need the RNC to reflect our values with messaging that resonates with Kansans.

I am not afraid to stand up and speak out for Kansas. I will be running for National Committeewoman and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment for all of those elected to vote for this position.

Note: This position does not interfere with my position as county chair. There is a short period of overlap before the Johnson County reorg meeting takes place mid-November 2024.

Maria Holiday

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