From Womb to Tomb: An adult vaccination schedule

By Connie Newcome,
Kansans for Health Freedom (KSHF)

From Womb to Tomb: An adult vaccination schedule. How does that sound to you? Like who would cook up such an idea?

The National Coalition for Adult Immunization (NCAI)! They would and did!

Read more about it here: Vaccines from womb to tomb – Health Freedom Institute

Contagious, Infectious, Outrageous.

Spreadable vaccines! Yes! That way you can get vaccinated without informed consent or a visit to the doctor.

How about that idea? “Contagious” vaccines are in the making and being used experimentally on animals. The justification for this suggests fewer people will die than would die if the actual infection occurs. It would take only 5% of the population to be vaccinated in order to accomplish this monumental feat.

Read more about use for people here: The Threat of Self-Spreading Vaccines – The Vaccine Reaction

For those of us who believe in vaccine freedom, the above articles seem quite morbid. However, there is some positive news on the vaccine front. 

The Tension of Religious Exemption! This may become a Supreme Court issue. Personally, I prefer we could eliminate all exemptions and merely have the right to say no without discussion. That seems reasonable and American. Click here to read this article and learn more about the possibility of the Supreme Court weighing in.

Abdication of Vaccination. On a happy note, click here to listen to this brief statement by Dr. Peter McCullough. The World Council for Health, an international body, is now asking for a moratorium on all childhood vaccines! This is huge.

While Covid may be over, the ramped up interest in vaccination that Covid brought about has not ceased. This is good, but we must be on the alert. Covert manipulation and self serving interests have not gone away.

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When the message keeps circulating, it DOES make a difference!

Yours for the right to say NO!

Connie Newcome

Will Your wonders be made known in the darkness? And Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness? Psalms 87


  1. Amen!! Never forget what the “powers that be” DID with their power. I have dozens of clients that were forced into shots they DID NOT want, threaten with loss of retirement funds, lose of their employment, not being able to travel to family and friends in other countries!!

  2. Thank you for this piece. The link to the Womb to Tomb article is fantastic and if more people would just follow the link. It would help this Medicare discussion.

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