6th District Johnson County Commissioner, Shirley Allenbrand, Changes Party Affiliation to Match Voting Record

By Jennifer Williams

May 23, 2024

Johnson County Kansas 6th District Commissioner, Shirley Allenbrand, officially changed her party affiliation to Democrat recently, after over three years of being a Johnson County commissioner that was registered as a Republican, but repeatedly voted against the Republican Party platform and against her constituents.

Multiple cartoons, created by local artist Tim McCabe, continually called out Allenbrand for not aligning with the party platform, silencing public comments, raising taxes, and giving tax breaks to CCP-owned CNANO USA.

Even the approval of the sale of the building to this communist-owned company is a national and local security threat, as confirmed by multiple State and National legislators.

A Facebook post today, by the Johnson County Republican party stated the following,

“But she’s so nice.” Don’t be fooled!

Republicans have a platform that defines what we believe.

When we have elected officials who consistently vote AGAINST that platform they are not Republicans regardless of how they registered.

We thank Commissioner Allenbrand for finally being honest with her constituents.

Republicans need to support candidates that represent the platform and not for whoever seems “nice”.

That goes for the 3rd Congressional District also”

Johnson County Republican Party, Facebook post May 23, 2024

Residents in the 6th district have grown weary these past 3 years of continually fighting to protect their property rights from the invasion of industrial scale solar, warehouses, intermodal traffic, and global development that hurts taxpayers and rural residential property owners – topics that Allenbrand continually votes in favor of.

Constituents are looking forward to the opportunity of voting for a commissioner who represents them instead of developers.

Allenbrand has been quoted on record saying “the elected officials need to stay out of it” and leave it to the staff and “people with the degrees,” when local residents were begging the commission to protect their communities from inappropriate and unsafe intermodal traffic, cutting through on County roads.

She refused to support rural residential property owners by denying Commissioner O’Hara’s motion to request former Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, to investigate the narrow corridor annexation by the City of Edgerton, that was forcing intermodal development into a rural residential community.

The case has since been filed by current Attorney General, Kris Kobach, against the City of Edgerton.

While a Republican, Allenbrand donated to Democrats, Laura Kelly and Mike Kelly

Allenbrand’s voting record aligns lockstep with the far-left-extremist County Chairman, Mike Kelly’s record.

His extreme global agenda, as shown in his recent Amber Wave PAC, pushes for more warehouses, industrial solar, and targets his political enemies in the Sheriff’s department, District Attorney’s office, and conservative county commissioners.

Although the commission seats are “non-partisan“, it is imperative that elected officials be transparent in all areas in order for the voters to understand who they’re actually voting for.

Shirley Allenbrand is a Democrat who supports more warehouses, more intermodal traffic, higher taxes, less public comments, and bigger government.

Allenbrand, shown above in her orange attire in support of infringing on the Second Amendment with “gun violence” legislation.

Allenbrand’s “play money” affected by increased taxes.

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  1. I have addressed many issues at the board of county commissioners meetings. Allenbrand has consistently voted with Mike Kelly 100% of the time. She has always acted as if she was a democrat. She is not alone. Jeff Myers 2nd district votes 100 % with Mike Kelly a democrat too.
    They are part of the 5-2 crew- we do not care about you.

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