Public Comment Encouraged on the Johnson County DEI and Sustainability Coalition Appointments October 19, 2023

This Thursday, October 19, 2023, during the agenda of the regular commission meeting, Johnson County Commissioners are set to vote on Chairman Mike Kelly’s unilateral appointments for the 15-member DEI Coalition and the 15-member Sustainability Coalition, that were created earlier this year.

Public comment is allowed for each agenda item.

Speakers can sign up in advance for each item online by Wednesday at noon or in person on Thursday, by 9:20 am.

Speakers need to specify they will be speaking on these agenda items, as opposed to the regular public comment time that happens at the beginning of every meeting.

UPDATE 10/18/2023: It appears the people are being muted again. Instead of allowing public comment for the agenda items (that are recorded on the County record and broadcast to those watching remotely), they are now changing their stance and forcing any comments to be during the general public comments (not recorded and not on the public record so no one watching remotely can hear them.)

Chief Counsel Peg Trent stated this morning that it is in the rules that no comment is allowed by the public on appointment items, but they can still comment during general comment.

So sign up for general comment, which occurs at the beginning of each meeting, instead of signing up to speak directly to an agenda item.

If members of the community have comments regarding any of these applicants, they are encouraged to speak to the Commissioners during this time, before the vote.

Applicants and their resumes can be found below:

DEI List 1
DEI List 2
DEI List 3

Sustainability Applicants 1
Sustainability Applicants 2

A list of those chosen by the Chairman is shown below under items 7 and 8 and can also be found on the agenda.

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  1. This is disturbing and unbelievable really. Mike Kelley should be recalled. Our board is heavily left leaning and we know which way this is going to go.

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