by Daniel Austin

There have been talks of lockdowns and covid mandates returning.

Whatever Happens Next – Whatever You Do – Do NOT Comply.

Do not stay in your home.

Do not put on a mask.

Do not have your child put on a mask.

Do not get tested for covid.

And DO NOT get the covid vaccine.

Do not do ANYTHING they say.

All of these things are not in your best interests.  

The government does not care about you.  

The government does not care about your family or your loved ones.  

The government is not interested in your health or your safety.

They only wish to have control over your lives.  

To tell you where you can or can’t go.  

What to put over your face.  

What to inject into your body.  

What to say.  

What to think.

You have rights.  Use them.

Most importantly, use your common sense.  Stand up and say NO.

Daniel Keith Austin is a current inhabitant of Merriam, Kansas, and lives with his two cats, Iris and Ivy.  He is the author of, Chelsea’s New Beginning, the first book in the Chelsea the Golden Retriever children’s book series.  He is an outspoken conservative and an advocate for people who have been vaccine-injured.

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