Kansas Legislators Plead for Governor Kelly to Ensure the Safety and Security of Kansans By Assisting 14 Other States at the Southern Border

by Jennifer Williams

National Security is one of the primary roles of the Federal government.

With the dismantling of Title 42, the Federal government and the Biden Administration have failed at their job, leaving the states to protect themselves.

Currently, 14 states have sent assistance to the crisis at the border, but Kansas has failed to do so, yet.

In a letter to Governor Kelly, 4th District Representative Trevor Jacobs, describes the crisis and implores her “to stand with the other 14 states and help defend our southern borders by sending the necessary resources, including the Kansas National Guard troops, to stop this negligent disregard for America’s national security.”

As of this writing, 15 house representatives and 4 senators have signed the request.

For those who haven’t signed, it is unclear why.

We know that the Democrat party typically supports open borders and has consistently disregarded the dangers to the citizens of the United States because they value the additional votes more than the health and safety of existing citizens, but where are the Republicans?

This is a Republican party platform issue!

Below are excerpts from the Platform of the Kansas Republican Party that show this request is in direct alignment with Republican values.

OUR LEGAL IMMIGRATION is a blessing to this country.

OUR SAFER COMMUNITIES should be free of violent and non-violent crime.

Legal immigration is a blessing to this country, and with the promises of America, a blessing to all. Preserving that promise for future generations requires that we protect the sovereignty of our country and secure our borders. Illegal immigration is not compatible with this goal. Immigration and citizenship with all of its privileges, executed pursuant to the law, are an essential component of that promise. It is, therefore, the duty of all who seek the promise of America to respect the laws of our land.

Illegal immigration is unacceptable within the State of Kansas. Employers hoping to take advantage of cheap labor resources using illegal aliens in their work force will not be tolerated. Every effort must be used to ensure that all employees working within the state of Kansas are legal.

Law enforcement agencies must use all available resources to remove from the state all illegal aliens involved in crimes in the most expeditious manner. Maximum cooperation should be the norm between all law enforcement agencies within the state when dealing with enforcement of laws affecting illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary jurisdictions, which are cities or counties that limit communication between their law enforcement officers and other law enforcement or refuse to honor detainer requests, should be prohibited in Kansas as posing unnecessary risk of harm to the people of Kansas. Incentive programs to entice illegal immigrants to Kansas must be terminated.

English is the official language of the state of Kansas, and unless contrary to federal law, all published state documents, resources, advertisements, media and online material should be made available only in our official language.

We believe the rights of society and the rights of the individual must be protected. We support the full funding of law enforcement across the state to create safe neighborhoods, to protect us from sex offenders, and to provide freedom from abuse. The judicial system must impose swift and fair punishment for all crimes, violent and non-violent.

Human trafficking is contrary to the principles of freedom and dignity. The exploitation of human beings dehumanizes the individuals who are trafficked and weakens the moral and social fabric of society at large.

If Republican legislators believe these words and are to hold true to their party platform, then it is imperative for them to act at once in support of this request to protect all Kansans from the dangers they may face in the very near future if the southern border is not secured.

Illegal immigration at the southern border is putting Kansans at risk of violent and non-violent crimes. Militant groups, drug and human traffickers, and armed forces from a multitude of countries are infiltrating the United States in unprecedented numbers.

It is time to protect Americans and those who have entered the country legally.

One can only speculate as to why there’s not more support. Of the 125 House seats and the 40 Senate seats, it is appalling that only 19, or approximately 11.5%, have signed so far.

What is the problem?

The power of lobbyists in this state is far more powerful than the voice of the people, so perhaps some donors want the cheap labor that comes with the influx of immigrants, and they’re pressing their chosen candidate to stay quiet about the very real threats.

Maybe party feuds and petty differences are stopping others from signing.

Perhaps House and Senate leadership has an opposing opinion, and if anyone opposes leadership, then they are stripped of their committees and blackballed for daring to have a differing view. Therefore legislators are compelled to stay quiet at the risk of losing potential future leadership roles or support for their bills.

This should be a bi-partisan concern that elicits an immediate response from every state legislator.

Law enforcement has proven the increase in fentanyl has become the deadliest and most dangerous drug crime they face. We know the drugs are here. We know where they are coming from. We see the trafficked children and the videos of the armed invasion, masking as refugees.

The time is now to put down petty partisan issues and ridiculous grudges and favoritism, ignore the lobbyists, and do your damn job and protect Kansans!

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