China Connection in Johnson County

by Charlotte O’Hara

Shared with permission from the Johnson County Gazette

Happy New Year!!!!  I hope you feel better now that your wallets are lighter due to YOUR Board of County Commissioners on January 4, 2024 sending another $5.5 million to build a fire station for Panasonic.  This is in addition to $2 million the BOCC sent earlier for design work and $7.5 million to fund road projects for Panasonic.  County funding in total for the fire station and roads for Panasonic so far is $15 million, which represents a 1 mill increase in your property taxes.  I love crony capitalism, steal from the poor and give it to the huge wealthy corporations.

So, while on the subject of crony capitalism, I have been quite alarmed by the verification of my research indicating that Cnano USA is indeed a subordinate entity of a mainland Chinese company.  This is now verified by a report published December 22, 2023 by the Daily Caller stating, “Cnano USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of C-Nano Technology Co., Ltd., which….is an entity that the China-based Cnano Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd. (Cnano Jiangsu) established in the British Virgin Islands, according to the Cnano Jiangsu’s 2022 annual report.”

Wow!!!  Johnson County has really come up in the world!!!!  We have successfully landed a Chinese CCP company in New Century AirCenter, home to an Army Reserve Unit with Chinook helicopters.  BUT wait, it gets better, not only did we sell a building to the Chinese, but SUBSIDIZED it with a 10-year Industrial Revenue Bond requiring them to only pay 30 cents a square foot in property taxes!!!!  Let’s see 30 cents a square foot for a 2,000 square foot house would be $600.00 a year!!!!  What a deal!!!  AND the annual increase in property tax is capped at 1.5%

Boy, this is a gift that keeps on giving.  BUT there’s more!!!!  If any of us poor peons buy or sell our houses or small industrial buildings, we are REQUIRED to fill out an affidavit of value which ends up on the desk of the Johnson County Appraiser.  This information is used to justify the exorbitant property taxes we all (except for the fat cats who have been granted corporate welfare, tax incentives) are paying.  Further lightening YOUR wallets. 

However, Cnano was not required to fill out the affidavit of value.  Therefore, no one, other than the principals involved in the transaction, not you and not me, are allowed to be privy to the sale price on this 333,000 square foot building.  Remember, this is a Chinese company whose building is built on land owned by Johnson County and sold by the firm the Board of County Commissioners hired to oversee the build-out of mega warehouses on the east side of New Century AirCenter.  We own this land; we lease it to the Chinese and yet we are not allowed to see the sale price?

The deck indeed is stacked against us, just normal good folks of Johnson County, who continue to be asked and required to dole out money from our pockets and into the pockets of companies such as Panasonic and now Cnano…….Stay tuned, I will continue to report on the happenings at the BOCC.

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  1. Thank you for taking us behind the curtains. So many hidden facts by the elite.

    When time permits,would like to have an update on Chinese cells operating. All of these Chinese men entering USA without women, children .

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