From the Kansas Republican Party Friday File: Guest Column by Carrie Barth, Kansas House of Representatives District 5

New Kansas Republican Party Resolution on ENERGY

I am super excited to share the new Kansas GOP Resolution on Energy that I co-wrote with former Kansas State Representative, Dennis Hedke.

Rep. Hedke was chair of the House Energy and Utilities Committee, and professionally he is a geophysicist running his own business, Hedke Geoscience Consulting, LLC.The Energy Resolution passed during the 2023 summer State Committee meeting with delegates voting a resounding “YES”, with only one person voting against it.

While running for office in 2022 and during the 2023 session, I quickly learned across the state of Kansas, that the global deep state industrial energy complex is the same story county by county. The only winners are the big energy companies, while the non-participating landowners, every single Kansas tax payer, energy rate payers – whether individuals or businesses – are all under attack affecting energy reliability, energy rates, property rights, property values, health, wildlife, and the environment.
I started doing my research, reading, talking with people in District 5, talking with people across the state of Kansas, as well as people across the United States. What I found is that the exact same problems are happening everywhere! Unfortunately, Kansas is not unique.

Republicans are about less government, which means we do not like tax subsidies with our money being used to prop up alternative energy that could otherwise fail in what should be a free market.

Here are some of the energy problems in Kansas:
● There is irrefutable evidence demonstrating that ill-health effects to mankind and the environment are occurring due to the side effects of industrial scale wind installations.
● People across Kansas have shared their personal stories of how they are physically and mentally miserable living next to the giant wind turbines. Some of these people are leaving their homes to protect their health, finding that Kansas does not offer any protections.
● Counties make the decision to allow an industrial scale wind or solar project, yet counties are not equipped to understand the complexities. Counties use home rule, which has led us to multiple issues across the state.
● Wind energy company knowingly and intentionally broke federal law in this article.
● We need to encourage the development of additional nuclear power.
● The Federal government and Kansas energy companies are trying to close our reliable coal and natural gas energy plants.
● The SPP put out a conserve energy alert to businesses in August during the 100+ degree heat, when there was little to no wind, which resulted in little to no wind energy. This is one step away from emergency mode and will continue to grow as a problem if we do nothing about it.
● Brownouts and Blackouts occur where energy is intermittent or non-existent due to unreliable alternative energy sources and poor policy allowing for it to happen.
● Double dipping – Increasing energy rates, transmission line tariffs, along with tax subsidies using your hard earned tax dollars.
● National security – foreign adversaries manufacture most of the products in the creation of alternative energy which creates multiple problems. Check out the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act that the Federal Government passed that went into effect in 2022.
● And many more issues…
What does the KS GOP energy resolution do?
● Helps to educate people across the state of energy problems.
● Ultimately, what the resolution does is support candidates and legislative intent regarding energy policy that will serve to provide protection to our citizens security, physical health, financial health, access to reliable energy and property rights across all Kansas counties.

How can you help?
● Support local, state, and federal candidates that align with the Kansas GOP energy platform and energy resolution.
● Support legislation that aligns with the Kansas GOP energy platform and energy resolution.

Legislation to support:
● Energy reliability and sustainability
● Consumer protections
● Setbacks that provide rural property owners the same rights that city property owners have
● Hazardous material remediation, as there is none today at the federal or state level
● Eminent domain protections for property owners
● Stop the ESG tax subsidy gravy train abuse
● No tax subsidies for wind turbine recycling centers (think APEX or STAR Bond legislation where there is not full disclosure)

Since the Kansas GOP has taken a stronger stance on energy, our resolution has gone global and has been published in multiple articles as this need exists across planet Earth. I am looking forward to the 2024 session working with my fellow Representatives and Senators to bring solutions to help solve energy problems in Kansas.

Kansas is taking our power back with power!

Representative Carrie Barth
Kansas House District 5

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