Health Freedom vs “Public Health”

by Connie Newcome

Have you ever wondered why people oppose health freedom? Meaning the freedom to say no to any medical mandate or procedure? It seems like a no-brainer that everyone, regardless of political or medical persuasion, would support the freedom to say no.

It seems the answer to this puzzling dilemma is public health.

Public health stands against the freedom to say no. 

It seems that public health would have its hands full with all the problems that stem from saying “yes.” Artificial sweeteners, MSG, soft drinks purchasable with food stamps, vegetable oils, ozempic, roundup, skim milk with chocolate and corn syrup for school kids, energy drinks, and so much more. They have partnered with the alarming rise in obesity and diabetes in children. They are not promoting healthy breakfasts and school lunches. They do not stand against drug ads on television.

There are no campaigns for health. If they had such, they would certainly never encourage anyone to sign up for a lifetime of injected drugs. 

Public health, if it were promoting health, would tell us about simple remedies which are inexpensive, safe and easily available for when we are sick. They would explain the benefits of being sick and how to manage sickness safely. They would warn about the greed and avarice of pharma and encourage personal responsibility and ownership of health. They would warn about the risks of antibiotics, steroids and statins. You would never, ever get a vaccine without being made fully aware of all the risks and that it can never be detoxed. 

But public health has been co-opted by pharma. They are totally, totally bought. They are trained in the universities which are given grants by pharma. 

Today’s public health defines health by the use of drugs, surgeries, and vaccines. Especially on the rise are the stomach clamping surgeries to maintain healthy weight. The solutions are not to change your lifestyle, but to submit to drugs as the fix. Let the government be your doctor and make your decisions for you. That way you can go on living, eating, and enjoying all the illness-making substances you currently indulge in. There are plenty of drugs for depression to help take your mind off of the way you feel. 

The huge pushback for the freedom to say no must be promoted by public health. If the public is healthy public health is not needed. 

The public has been co-opted by the public health agencies which have submitted to their captors without the slightest pushback. And we are now, with all our wealth, one of the unhealthiest peoples of the world. 

You can decide to take back your health, but don’t expect an appreciative audience from the public health agencies.

Will Your wonders be made known in the darkness? And Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

Psalms 87


  1. Well said. Additionally, Public Health was not supposed to be the expert, per se. It was to make sure that our Public health and safety were maintained. There is a video going around of a man, squatting on a metal trash can at an airport over the hole, defecating. While people looked at their cell phone and ignored the “public” health violation. Yes, crapping in the trash in public, showing all private parts is where Public health and safety. Standing on top of the trash can would be unsafe, for one violation. Public Health was not meant to be the final say. It was meant to keep the standard approved agreed upon guidelines for health and safety. Thus, making sure water did not sit in an area where it could not drain properly after a rain, so on and so forth. “Public Health and Safety” became control and indoctrinate.

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