Local Johnson County Author Writes Children’s Book Providing Conservative Values for Kansans

Article by Wesley Keller

Daniel Austin has begun his work creating children’s stories that are free of woke ideology that parents know is rampant in our public schools and libraries, starting with his release, “Chelsea’s New Beginning”.

One man has decided to stand against the woke agenda by writing his own stories, free of corrupting content, providing an alternative for conservative parents worried about the material being pushed on their children. His name is Daniel Keith Austin, and he has just released the definitive, second edition of his book “Chelsea’s New Beginning” about a golden retriever puppy named Chelsea.

I sat down with Daniel during our latest Molon Labe Truth podcast to talk about his life story, how he was inspired to write his new series of upcoming books, and where he wants to go in life.

One major takeaway is the story of how Daniel is one of four siblings who were developing normally in early childhood then suddenly began developing symptoms of autism. He told me the heartbreaking details of how his younger vaccine-damaged brothers got the brunt of this debilitating affliction, and the fact that there were high levels of heavy metals found in all their systems, despite the doctor assuring his mother the shots they needed for school were mercury- and thimerosal-free, then back-peddling later.

We need to back our local, conservative creators because we form a reciprocal relationship between all of us. If you want to support Daniel in his endeavor to provide the world with conservative children’s books and stem the tide of indoctrination, please purchase “Chelsea’s New Beginning” here on Amazon (either Kindel or, my favorite, a physical copy!): https://www.amazon.com/Chelseas-Beginning-Daniel-Keith-Austin-ebook/dp/B0CBWTC1F3/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Please watch our podcast on our Rumble channel here to get all the details!

“Chelsea’s New Beginning” Podcast with Author, Daniel Austin – Overland Park, KS, 7-29-2023

Wesley Keller is a Johnson County, Kansas native from Prairie Village. He is an investigative journalist who runs the Molon Labe Truth channels on Rumble, Telegram, and other sites.


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