How Do We Secure Our FREE STATE – Exclusive Event with Constitutional Attorney, KrisAnne Hall – March 30th

Join us March 30… Doors open at 5:30 PM.

Speaking engagement from 6 to 9:30 PM.

Advanced registration is encouraged.

Please share.

$25 advanced purchase admission for the general public, or $30 ticket price at the door

Conveniently located near the intersections of I-35 and I-635 … Exact location announced upon registration

This is Who We Are!

For over a decade, we have been traveling and teaching across America; averaging 260 classes a year! Everywhere we went, people wanted more. Liberty First Society provides more education to more people than we could ever deliver in person.

These classes are perfect for individuals, groups, K-12 and college classrooms, churches, and anywhere else people who are hungry for knowledge and for Liberty gather.


Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall brings you current eventsfrom a historical, constitutional, and principled perspective. Liberty over security; Principle over party and Truth over Personality!

About the Speaker:
KrisAnne Hall received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Blackburn College and her Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, College of law. She served in the US Army as a military intelligence cryptologic linguist and was a prosecutor for the State of Florida for nearly a decade. KrisAnne also worked with a prominent national First Amendment Law firm where she traveled the country defending Americans whose Rights were violated by unlawful arrests and prosecutions.

KrisAnne is the most sought-after national speaker on the Constitution, averaging over 250 events in nearly 22 States every year for 5 years straight. She has written 6 books on American History and the US Constitution and is now a professor at River University School of Government. KrisAnne is a regular consultant on the Constitution for numerous radio, podcast, and television programs. She has been seen on Victory News, Flashpoint, NewsMax, Fox News, Court TV, and she has been interviewed by C-Span InDepth and her books and classes have been featured on CSPAN Book-tv.


KrisAnne has had a nationally popular radio show, with an international following, for over 6 years.

Ticket Prices:

$25 advanced purchase admission for the general public, or $30 ticket price at the door

Please consider an additional love offering to show gratitude for our gracious speaker for her free training provided to law enforcement officers and sheriffs on March 29th. Thank her for spending her Easter weekend with us!

This event will be held in the Kansas City area.  Location announced upon registration.

One comment

  1. Talk about mind blowing! KrisAnn Hall was dynamite. We are so very glad we attended this exclusive event. My husband is eager to dig into one of her books as I’m researching all that her website has to offer.

    It’s just too bad that more people don’t show up for these events talking about our rights and teaching us about our God given freedoms. We have to keep spreading the word and living in the truth.

    Thank you, thank you to the event planners, you hit it out of the park with last night’s event.


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