Supreme Egomaniacal Arrogance

by Charlotte O’Hara

JoCo BOCC District 3
Opinion piece, my opinion only, does not reflect the non-responsive majority of the JoCo BOCC on this issue.

May 7, 2024

Once upon a time in the fair County of Johnson lived and worked a band of extremely clever (and ever nerdy) IT extraordinaire technicians, who, 30 long years ago, developed the JIMS system to horizontally integrate and manage documents from the District Court, the Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s office. The County of Johnson’s case document management system far exceeded any management system available in Kansas, Land of the South Wind.

Alas, to the horror of the County of Johnson’s Director of IT, the Duke of the District Attorney and the ever vigilant Sheriff, the Supremes, LORDS of Arrogance, sent a decree across the Land of the South Wind: All Counties must bow down to Odyssey, the Supremes’ selected case document management system.…which, BTW, missed nearly every launch date announced since the great selection announcement was made in 2017.

Though the courageous Director of IT in the fair County of Johnson, along with the Good Duke of the District Attorney and the ever vigilant Sheriff begged and cajoled the Supremes to allow our efficient, effective JIMS case document management system to remain, nay said they!!!!

The Supremes seemed to say: “Care not we the annual cost of $2.5 million of gold to the County of Johnson, or delays or a 20 year reversal of advancement in technology!!! Care not we the system of Odyssey, hacked October 12, 2023, was crippled past Christmas. Adhere, County of Johnson, or thrown into the dungeon thou wilt be!!!!!”

Oh, yes good people in the fair County of Johnson, November 4, 2024 the switch will be flipped from JIMS to Odyssey. Delays in protection orders was one example given by the Good Duke of the District Attorney. To which the normally compliant Lady of District 4 was heard to exclaim, “but people could be put in harm’s way with these delays, indeed some could die.” And the Good Duke of the District Attorney said, “Yes, this is true.”

So, good people in the fair County of Johnson, arise and say: You Supremes, LORDS of Arrogance, away with thee and leave us be!!!! JIMS is the County of Johnson’s jewel which was offered years ago to share with thee, our technology, for free!!!! But NO!!! said thee and thou hast spent gold galore on thy system of Odyssey!! Refrain and turn from ye egomaniacal race to replace our jewel of JIMS.

And a child’s voice was heard, “But, why???? Are palms being greased or has arrogance simply become stupidity?”

And so we, in the fair County of Johnson, go to the edge to see, what will be???? All so unnecessarily.

Note: May 2, 2024 BOCC court system transition study session is available at:

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