UN Agenda 2030 is being implemented in Kansas right now!

Above you will find a short 7-minute clip from an engineer that believes in NET Zero out of Princeton University.  He is an engineer and he straight up tells you what the United States will look like in 2050.  In 7 minutes you will hear what this agenda is and it will not sound good.  

Yesterday in Johnson County I presented to a group of people who got to see this video before we began.  When I say stand 4 the land Kansas, it better be real soon. 

Attached are some slides that go along with the video that I took from the Photo Album to explain a few important items:  Agriculture and Cattle will have to be done entirely differently, 300 Million Acres will have to have repurposed land use.  Kansas will be using Injector Wells permits that are not for oil, repurposed to inject carbon capture into rock formations, and collect a tariff. 

So, Freedom is not doing well in Topeka.  You have increased spending, but the real worry is the amount of government that is being grown.

The KCC Evidentiary Hearing on The Blackberry Line and the KCC Commissioners Learned that Kansas will soon be swelling with renewable projects running over each other and a new Integrated Market System will be run by the Southwest Power Pool.  So, the Southwest Power Pool will be a major player in North American Energy.  The realization that the KCC protects us is a false narrative and the KCC gave their power to them to buy and sell power. The amount of market share is on a slide that explains how we thought Southwest Power Pool was one thing, but they dissolved in 2018 and became a Federal player that hands out tariffs and sells energy.

Kansas Government is utilizing Land Trust accounts and moving land that comes up for sale for unpaid property tax to these trusts.  Sometimes actually condemning these buildings.  It is a concern to watch.

The solution is throwing the flag and the conversation starts outside of Topeka.  Stop the licensing of solar wind and make an energy plan that is right for Kansas.  The film will tell you everything you will need to know, so please get involved!


Best wishes

Virginia Macha

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