Indifference and Our Crumbling Republic

Shared from Johnson County Gazette column
with permission By Charlotte O’Hara

10.72%, that was the turnout for the August 1, 2023 primary election. 10.72% means that each person who voted represented 9.3 voters. If YOU did not vote, someone else voted for YOU. YOU gave away YOUR right to vote by not taking time to advance vote in person, advance vote by mail or vote in person on Election Day. Three ways YOU could have participated and yet YOU DID NOT!!!

What was YOUR excuse? YOU did not know about the election, YOU do not believe YOUR vote makes a difference, YOU forgot or YOU simply do not care? Our Republic’s strength stands on the electorate participating in the process and a turnout of 10.72% represents our Republic crumbling under YOUR indifference.

YOU not voting is the root cause of YOUR property taxes going through the roof, YOUR school district and YOUR public library promoting unbelievably vile materials to our children (check out “When We Were Magic” in the Johnson County Library or “Gender Queer” in the Blue Valley School District) and the continuation of city councils approving HUGE tax giveaways for the big boys which increase YOUR property taxes.

Put November 7th on YOUR calendar.  November 7th is the general election for ALL Johnson County school boards and ALL Johnson County city councils. Take the time to research the candidates and VOTE for the candidate who represents YOUR values, YOUR stance on fiscal issues and YOUR opinion as to who should be in charge at the local level: elected officials or hired staff.

These elections are vitally important to YOUR future and the future of YOUR children and grandchildren. Get off the couch and VOTE!!!! Again, put it on YOUR calendar, November 7th, the general election which is for all Johnson County city councils and all Johnson County school boards. VOTE!!!!!!!!

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