Education Speech and Documents for the “Don’t Mess With Our Kids” Kansas Rally at the Statehouse

by Linda Highland

Don’t Mess With Our Kids Rally at the Kansas Statehouse

April 13, 2024

Linda Highland

Our kids in Kansas and across the nation are suffering because God’s creation plan for their nurture by parents is being disrupted. God has given us the Good Book on how we are to function within the family of mothers and fathers responsible for care of their children.

The government was established to provide safety and freedom for the family so they can live quiet and peaceful lives. We are here rallying today because government bureaucracies, along with non-governmental organizations, are “messing with our kids” and seeking control of our families.

We see this particularly in education.

I bring good news! Because of your presence here today, you are a part of a shift in America! REVIVAL IN EDUCATION IS UNDERWAY! AMEN!

First, let’s acknowledge the church’s role in protecting freedoms.

There was a misinterpretation of the US tax code change in 1954, establishing churches could not take a public stand on political candidates.

Many pastors and congregations wrongfully receded from speaking out on cultural issues. Soon after, beginning in the 1960s, our kids were under attack. Prayer, Bible reading, lunch prayer, and equal time for teaching creationism were ruled unconstitutional. Legalization of abortion and accreditation of sex ed furthered the harm to children. Humanism in our schools caused a 1987 Federal Court to recognize it as a religion that needed to be ousted from America’s schools.

Education in America first began as classical, but by 1970 there were no classical schools remaining. Today there are over 60,000 classically trained students in 300 schools. A side-by-side comparison of classical and public education is warranted.

Classical education is founded in Christianity and honors the one true God. In public schools any mention of God is replaced with new age religion, for which the social emotional learning curriculum was established.

In a Classical school, teachers believe in truth. John Dewey, atheist, socialist, and Chair of Education at Columbia University, transformed American education in the 1900s for experimenting on children. He believed “immutable truth is dead and buried.” Teachers are to possess only methodology in public schools and mostly socialize young children.

Students are made by God naturally wanting to know about things. The solution to ignorance is knowledge in the search for truth and goodness in classical schools. Public schools are socially engineering students in a workforce development, outcomes-based, social emotional learning model where the student regurgitates what the state defines they should learn.

Literacy Essentials, a phonetical program in classical schools guides students to read and decode most any word by the second semester of kindergarten.

KSDE reports only 8.18% of all Kansas students in all grades are proficient in English Language Arts, and the public schools are still searching how to teach reading.

Students excel in classical school’s Singapore Math which builds on the logical order of math skills.

Public school common core math is made difficult by copying patterns, leading to only 10.01% of Kansas students in all grades being proficient in math as reported by KSDE.

In classical schools, students learn all that is needed in science and math to apply that knowledge in those professions.

Through STEM, public school students focus on what can be done in those professions. Only 11.8% of all students in all grades in Kansas are proficient in science.

Reading classical good books is a focus of classical schools. It deepens student’s knowledge to be a light unto the world. Classical lessons are teacher led with minimal technology.

Public school students are tested and scored on their attitudes, values, and beliefs on their Chromebooks and shown library books of pornographic nature, all of which destabilizes a student and causes cognitive dissonance. Extensive data records on students are the major goal of public education.

Classical school students are taught virtues.

Public school students are taught to be sexually permissive, to choose their gender, and the national sex ed standards demand a fifth grader describe how to become transgender. Parents are not informed.

Classical schools can offer free tuition in a church school to $7,000 and above in others. As Catholics, Lutherans, and other denominations came to America, schools were established with the churches.

Kansas public school per pupil average cost is $17,650, as reported by KDHE at the end of 2023.

Classical schools teach virtues and have Pro-Life clubs.

Public schools have Gay Straight Alliance Clubs pushing transgenderism and are unceasingly surveying students with questions like: “Have you ever tried to kill yourself?”

Since the social emotional learning curriculum was adopted for K-12 Kansas schools in 2012, suicide has become the second leading cause of death among our youth, whereas before SEL was taught, it was not tracked as a leading cause of death at all.

These words from Christ are a warning to any adult who serves children, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

“Today there is confusion about the role of the teacher. It comes from a larger confusion about the role of education in the life of the student. The unfortunate truth is that education is seen primarily as a kind of job training, reducing students to receptacles for information and teachers to the delivery system.” Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, goes on to say, “This is not how education should be. We’ve arrived here because the most important decisions about education are made by centralized bureaucracies instead of by parents, the people who know and love the children best. In a good school, teachers and parents form a natural partnership.”

“Train up a child in the way he should go,” Solomon wrote, “and when he’s old he will not depart from it.”  “That is the God-given responsibility of each parent, the compact with each teacher, and the trust of every child.” said President Ronald Reagan, April 15, 1982.


Oversight by churches that start schools and parents who use their rights to direct their child’s education is needed to gain trust in schools.

Four Supreme Court rulings and federal and state laws place parents with directive power. These are listed on the “Parental Notification Form,” available today.

Also available is a compilation of “Public School Exit Methods” to help parents plan schooling options.

Now is the time for PARENTS IN CHARGE of their child’s education!

Linda Highland

Seeking Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Philippians 4:8-9

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